Real talk how the fuck does the economics of the mall of america even come remotely close to working!? There's no way most of these stores make near enough to cover rent right? They're all money laundering or something? What the fuck is going on here!

@june :blobpeek: one could argue that nothing/very little is actually working under capitalism

@stelepami totally but like. this isn't just "wow this is a silly business idea how do you sell this many smoothies but clearly you do" this is like "literally with what actual cash is the MoA paying their utility bills"

@june @stelepami Here's more than you ever wanted to know about the MoA:

(short answer: they've managed to keep unique attractions that draw people in, then they eat/shop)

@firewally @june @stelepami Ain't no fucking way they sell enough hipster food to heat that place

@june the rent must be dirt cheap nothing. my question is how they afford to pay the employees...

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