So this article is inspiring me to REALLY WANT to start or participate in creating a hyper-local manufacturing and growing co-op. Who's already doing stuff like this in the Twin Cities that i could connect with?


Need a table? Come make one with people. Know how to repair stuff? Be available for people. Need food? Come get it if you live near the co-op, want to help grow food? Come do that. Surely something is already out there? If not, let's Fucking Make It.

@june This is my fucking dream and how I want to spend my life once I'm able to. I want to start a recycling and composting coop, a bamboo coop, a mycelium coop - any way I can make value for people out of what's already in their communities, without buying anything from the capitalist system. I just want to start one, work there until I have a good amount of money saved up and a team of worker-owners who know how to run everything, then go start another one

By the way, you may also be interested in the Repair Cafe concept:

@socalledunitedstates @june I'm being thinking about applying for the next round of open source ecology fellowships to do basically this too

@june I would like to do something like this, too. I've volunteered for Free Geek, building used Linux computers, Cycles for Change repairing used bicycles, and Good Grocer a non-profit grocery store -- all in Minneapolis. But to have something like a maker space where you can sew clothes, do woodworking, make a solar oven or windmill and learn welding or exchange seeds would be fantastic. I'm building a library of free project plans and info for the solarpunk revolution.

@ewankeep @june yes yes yes! And for it to connect in with anarchist, solarpunk socialist kind of stuff already happening locally

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