Whoa y'all this looks Fantastic????

"The yields can be tremendous: when I visited, 16,000 pounds of greens were being harvested every week. Output like that is a locavore’s dream, especially in Minnesota, where regional produce is scarce during the protracted, frigid winter. Restaurants, corner groceries, supermarkets, and a major hospital—all located in the Twin Cities—couldn’t get enough of the stuff."

So, they sell at the seward co-op, and by demeter that lettuce is the best I've ever had. It's so good. Omg. And it's comparable to any other clamshell of produce. Seriously. So gooood.

Really hoping they find profitability eventually, cause yesss.

I've seen them at the Wedge and Lund's. Very tasty and the only reason I don't always get them is price/the plastic (bulk baby spinach at the Wedge is cheaper but boring).
I LOVE their Twin Kales mix (tender baby kale + purply kale). Needs to start supplying in bulk, plz and thank you! (Would probably also be cheaper for them to not have to package everything?)

@stelepami @britvulcan i want this, but a member-owned co-op and it's hyperlocal and not just looking for VC cash infusions to launch its owners to other profits

Definitely. I feel like the books need looking at? Some things are more viable at higher scales (lol) and this may be one of them, but sounds like a lot of the initial people are moving on to other things and not spending the time to actual make this business sustainable money wise.

@britvulcan @stelepami yes they're up to something weird trying to make this the Next Big Profit Center and i honestly feel like open source local small scale designs would stand a better chance at scaling.

@june @britvulcan @stelepami it's a pretty bold effort to try to make money farming, but do it
* On more expensive acreage
* Paying for photons
Not that I think it's impossible! It just has inherent structural obstacles that hopefully other advantages offset. With that said, it's impressive they started at the scale they did, and hopefully they (have?) hit on a formula that works...

Well, I decided to buy their Twin Kales again at the Wedge today, despite the clamshell and price.

(I also got a star fruit because I don't think I've ever eaten one, just used them as stamps in grade school.)
@june @britvulcan

@stelepami @lawremipsum @june realized these are also at cub. (nom) this is probably why they clamshell, since the regular stores don't do bulk greens and it's a lot easier to just have one distribution method.

@lawremipsum @june @stelepami big upsides are 1. year round operation 2. controllable conditions. 3. multiple products (fish and many greens varieties) 4. very small shipping costs 5. locavore premium

but yeah.. also more expensive land potentially (though old breweries seem to be a good fit and may be hard to repurpose otherwise) and those control points are also things to fuck up royally.

@lawremipsum @britvulcan @stelepami it's weird right? I feel like there's Something Here though that could make sense but i just dunno about Huge Corporate Version?

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