Abolish transit police.

I just finished documenting a guy get tasered and tackled by like, eight officers for fare-skipping.

Fucking police.

@t54r4n1 east bank station, he ran from the train and got a block before two cops tased, tackled and searched him. Cops came flying in from the wrong direction in their vehicles to "help"

@t54r4n1 overheard: "i was just sitting at my desk watching on the video" so yea someone's always actually watching. Answers one question i had about being on the train.

@t54r4n1 tbf maybe it wasn't just a fare thing but it seemed like that.

@june The actual fuck?

Do you have the MN Justice app? You can use it to report to MN ACLU, including videoing directly from the app.

I've only used it once when cops were harassing a Black woman for… something? Riding her bike on the sidewalk? I don't remember. But it's on the home screen of my phone just in case.

@stelepami (ffs google's street view doesn't even have the train on this street)

@stelepami tried the app, it seems like it's broken.

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