y'all did not buy my bike. cowards.

@t54r4n1 it's not my only one!!! It just needs a good home.

@june i know but still i shan't obtain a THIRD bike. SHAN'T!

@stelepami @t54r4n1 it's a step-through sky blue townie style electric assist

@june @t54r4n1 Hmm. I am not sure about that style of e-assist since my favorite feature is when I can use a throttle to get an easier start from a standstill (and then get pedal assist to make it easier during general riding).

@stelepami @t54r4n1 ya this is the kind that kicks in once you're moving

@june @t54r4n1 Right. Which is cool and I appreciate it but not the use case I've found I like most about electric bikes/city riding.

I hope someone else buys it!

@june @t54r4n1 I am really sad I don't have e-bike money in my budget because this bike is pretty and I covet it.

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