hey so i'm thinking of coming to the thing on friday that's on the social calendar. i'm highly socially anxious and wondering how to go about like. being there and stuff. local thoughts more than welcome.

@june my plan: go, get a snack/bev, engage in whatever mixer/icebreaker they have, leave whenever you're done with being there

@t54r4n1 i would love some more granular instructions on the "go" part. like. i've never been to one of these and i don't know how to. do. anything. of. the sort.

@june move your body to the location, and walk in the door. look for the friendly faces with name badges on!

@june also what jenny said is a good other option! there's no wrong way to go.

@june i guess "driving your car through the wall of the building" would be wrong, so, i recant my previous statement

@june like, arriving, on-time, or late, by even half an hour or more, these are all fine and good
arriving hungry, or full, or thirsty or not thirsty, these are all fine and good
arriving with $0 or $20 in your pocket is good (for potential snack capitalism)
arriving with the desire to speak with one person in particular or with anyone who looks like they want to chat is good or anything in between.
more details? y/n

@june I think it'll be low key, and enough of us will be there that if you only want to talk to people you know from the instance that'll be doable.

Sounds like it will be a space for people to talk about or work on things they might want posted on Streets (I'm probably going to work on a post I have in mind), so there will be a mix of people interacting and people looking at a computer screen perhaps? Like hanging in a coffee shop vibe.

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