went to a neighborhood event for queer folk and the first question during a "what should we do next time" part was an old lesbian asking whether we should "integrate" with the "rest" of the neighborhood so fuck everything


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@lawremipsum seriously. my friend started this neighborhood group specifically for trans and queer folk in the neighborhood like. AS a space JUST for that and yet we had 2 straight not-queer people come to just... uh... TEACH THEIR KIDS ABOUT US like what i'm sorry no that's ... no... that's rude. fuck. i am so mad right now. listen. it was mostly fine, i hate to sound like i'm shitting on it or something. it was good. mostly

@lawremipsum specifically 1 strasight person did it for that reasxon and the other was there. for. uh. just. to be there.

@lawremipsum and THEN the question about "ok but should we really be SEGREGATING ourselves from the REST of the neighborhood..." concern trolling BUl.ll shit.

i'm so .

so ...

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