The carbon impact of the fair has to be absolutely massive

@june yeah, no doubt. probably a lot less bad than the superbowl, but yeah we should be planting some trees about it

@t54r4n1 i was more thinking like we literally aren't going to be able to keep having it?

@june i wonder. a carbon-negative one would certainly look different, but it could exist i think.

@t54r4n1 guess i'm just musing on the fact that we're going to be forced into having a carbon neutral one in like. a few years max.

@june @t54r4n1 $5 CO2 surcharge per ticket and you raise $10 million for a new solar farm or carbon sequestration prairie. It would take a pretty major mindset shift among the fair-going audience, but it's not impossible

@firewally @t54r4n1 I'm strongly of the opinion that total usage needs to decrease, not just be offset

@t54r4n1 @firewally i mean. In a systemic sense. Like instead of just buying carbon offset for your plane trips, don't fly as much And offset when you do fly. So the thing that struck me about this avenue of just making tickets more expensive is that we need to massively change how the fair works and how people get there.

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