Thinking of running a Catan game in Tabletop Simulator, would anyone be interested?

We did Tokaido last night and it worked surprisingly well. Catan is even fancier with automatic victory point counters. I'd run video chat at the same time to make it feel more like a real board game night.

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@lawremipsum cool cool. what time would work generally? we can have 6 players with Catan.

@lawremipsum today's a little soon for me to organize. maybe tomorrow night?

@lawremipsum cool cool. lmk if you know anyone else who would like in.

@lawremipsum @june yeah heck yeah. I got a concert at 8 but fortunately it's all online now babey

@stelepami awesome yay! do you already have Tabletop Simulator? Unfortunately it's paid software if you don't already have it.

@stelepami The catan game is not extra money though.

@june @lawremipsum although I need to practice manipulation more. And see if I can find an old mouse anywhere… it's not easy to use that thing with a track pad.

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