Well it's been two years of this item being on my to-do list but i can finally check off "hang bikes up in garage"

Thanks for marking all the cases that should be looked at ASAP, police

I wonder, what's the queerest thing I could show 400 million people that wouldn't get rejected by the ad people mspsocial.net/media/FRzQRNGj_x

Got the winter tires mounted this evening, ski goggles and balaclava on the way. I'm gonna actually be out there this season. At least, that's the goal. mspsocial.net/media/L6PZC1CvqO

You have been blessed by the sunbeam cat. Boost this toot for warmth and peace.

Send help

Image description: pin button being held up to the camera with a button maker in the background. The button image is the "istracted boyfriend" meme with the text boxes reading: "button maker, me, other hobbies"

Upstairs Circus is an awesome place, we did a birthday party there tonight and all made some crafty things and had la lovely time, check it out!

Hey bike nerds!

I'm selling my custom Italian Sky Blue Budnitz Bella Electric bike.

It's got a Zehus internal pedal-assist 250W hub, dynamo-driven lights, wood fenders, rear rack, honey leather saddle and grips, and a Gates carbon belt drive.

Contact me if you're interested.

Hey bike nerds, I'm selling my custom Italian Sky Blue Budnitz Bella Electric

This bike is fantastic and just doesn't fit the kind of use I'm able to accommodate in my life right now between kids, anxiety and depression, and the length and type of my work commute.

I'd like to pass it on to someone who will give it a good home and plenty of use. It's a beautiful, magical cruiser.

This is a pedal-assisted electric, and it's a joy to ride. Please let me know if you're interested.

Hey if you ever wanna play around with a 3d printer in St Paul lemme know

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