@Chelseaknits thank you we're gonna just go out tonight with the kids anyway

@lawremipsum we had just 30 minutes prior walked right past it with our kids coming back from icy cup

Our power is out while they're working on stuff over there. I'm not gonna be able to get out for hotdish.

Hey so that house that exploded in St Paul this afternoon is like right near ours, our back door neighbor got hit with something and like we felt the explosion.

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The next time you see an old white guy complain about a social program, think about how quickly half a billion dollars was raised for something a handful of people will benefit from.

Do you see it?

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The Notre Dame restoration effort having reached 500 million in funds while historically Black churches in L.A. burned down by white supremacists is struggling to break a single million is the perfect commentary on equality and basic decency and respect.

The world isn't broken. People are purposefully keeping it that way.

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#Florence, with the revelation of my medical condition, I'm wondering if there's an extra person who'd like to help us continue moving forward.

Working close with me, right now helping to get my thoughts out of me.
And helping people work together and communicate. Find consensus, hearing members, and fitting their feedback in with our goals.

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Someone please please study these people and explain them to me.

@ROCKETDRAG omg what!! they rocket themselves away from whatever matter they're eating??

Let's all recognize the woman who made today's black hole photo possible:


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Hey sorry I haven't been as active on this instance as i want to be, I've been dealing with personal stuff and illness and whatnot. But hi!

Thanks for marking all the cases that should be looked at ASAP, police

@lawremipsum @britvulcan @stelepami it's weird right? I feel like there's Something Here though that could make sense but i just dunno about Huge Corporate Version?

@britvulcan @stelepami yes they're up to something weird trying to make this the Next Big Profit Center and i honestly feel like open source local small scale designs would stand a better chance at scaling.

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