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If I had money I’d place a lot of bets on current medical “mysteries.”

- Much obesity is untreated fatigue misinterpreted as hunger
- Many things that claim to “improve sex drive” in women (trans&cis) just improve pelvic floor stability


went to a neighborhood event for queer folk and the first question during a "what should we do next time" part was an old lesbian asking whether we should "integrate" with the "rest" of the neighborhood so fuck everything

hey so i'm thinking of coming to the thing on friday that's on the social calendar. i'm highly socially anxious and wondering how to go about like. being there and stuff. local thoughts more than welcome.

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climate anxiety 

Took a bike ride with my 8 year old today, it was super super nice. Then we went to icy cup and that was nice until three bros showed up and talked loudly about objectifying women while looking angrily in my direction.

Masto 101 for new folks:

Home timeline: This is the timeline that scrolls too fast for you to read, you click on it if you want to be taken to some random thing that wasn't under your mouse cursor when you clicked.

Local timeline: this is where the gays are

Notifications: This is what you refresh continuously to slake your thirst for attention.

Getting started: This sometimes gets replaced with things you click on for some reason. no one knows why.

Took my first bike ride after getting the ebike conversion all mounted. I have some cleanup to do on wire routing, and the power selector seems to be stuck in high, but omg it was glorious to be able to bike for a significant time without feeling like I'm dying.

Literally 10 minutes into this livestreaming of a Never Again is Now action at Fort Snelling and we already have a guy in a giant truck trying to plow over people.

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re: 🍑 

Anyone local have HealthPartners insurance? Is it not a terrible nightmare?

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"Cities were made for people not for cars." A call to stop investing in car infrastructure.

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B612 is an open-source font developed by Airbus. It's the result of a research project to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font” to improve display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading.

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So now I've had a conversation with a moderator at Fosstodon.

It seems as though, despite the sites pretty bold CoC prohibition on "public or private oppressive language or actions" (language they borrowed from elsewhere), they construe that prohobition much more narrowly than is written.

In fact they allow a great deal of oppressive language, if you don't @ anyone directly.

This contradiction bolsters my inclination to suspend the instance—until they decide to enforce their CoC as written.

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finally ordered some laser cut wood parts for a retropie tabletop arcade cabinet. I've had the buttons and other parts sitting in a cardboard box for literal years.

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