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Hi! I am a resident.

My main hobbies are
and the ancient game or -- I'm 1-5k, always looking for people who want to play in person regardless of level!

At times I also do and .

By day I am a engineer (, , ++) specializing in systems and hardware integration.

I also have 2 super-sweet orange kitties named Shadow and Tommy :blobcatsurprised: :blobcatpats:

Andor, Strange New Worlds 

Ok I definitely see the comparisons of the main antagonist to Javert from Les Mis, but after watching Andor and Strange New Worlds back to back three nights in a row with my parents it's hard to ignore how he's just as modeled after a Starfleet captain.

tired: ad blockers
wired: ad hominem blockers

Forgot to add image description. Nancy cartoon.

Panel 1. Nancy approaching a tree with a rope and board swing. "Before I put up this swing, I've got to make a test first."

Panel 2. Nancy hanging from a branch, shaking it. "You've got to be smart and see if the branch is strong enough."

Panel 3. Nancy stands on a pile of objects to tie the swing to the tree branch.

Panel 4. The ropes snap; Nancy and the swing fall to the ground.

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monkey's paw 

when I wanted more interesting algorithms at work I meant algorithms NOT involving databases


supporting the rail strike while also thinking about a Quarry run to stock up on All The Things

Does anyone have any new music podcasts you like? I used to find stuff through All Songs Considered but it rarely hits me where I'm at these days

seriousness of a meeting is inversely proportional to the meeting name

"Q3 Goals and Roadmap": 😴
"Team meeting": 😐
"quick sync": 😰

An incredible example of convergent evolution, and how you can't tell the ancestry from an organism's appearance:

@kacey do you want a kitten? I thought of this when I saw your cat pictures. This sweet kitty jumped on to our porch last week.

Economic consumption 

I probably don't want to know what hell makes this possible but this is why my toolbox keeps getting more chartreuse

I expect that's applicable more generally in the game, threaten to get a big advantage in a direction you don't care for, so your opponent forces you to play the game you actually wanted

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See what's funny is I've been studying classical books and whatnot on sanrensei but it seems best not to hold too strictly to the theory in it -- yes black can potentially build huge influence but it's just as good to let your opponent overpay to knock down that influence -- and then you don't actually spend much time at all in the book variations but it's good they're available as a threat

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I've been playing sanrensei whenever I get black recently. I immediately lost two stones of strength for trying something new but I've finally clawed one back.

What I'm starting to understand is it threatens an easy moyo game for black, so many opponents will immediately do anything possible to prevent that, giving me the territorial fighting game I actually want.

Imagine there's a genre "minnesotafuturism". What are its defining features?

Rewinding ➰➿➰➿ 

Yesterday I unwound by taking my usual walk around the loop in the wrong direction so today I'm undoing that and going around the right way

light uspol 

Reminded a bit of this today as Trump has seemingly made all the following arguments vis-a-vis the secret documents:

1a) They were planted by the deep state
1b) He'd like them returned

and also

2a) They were declassified anyway
2b) a special maester must review these classified documents and releasing the full warrant would leak state secrets

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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