Some poor soul on r/askelectronics is trying to identify this cursed connector

@ben_zen it definitely feels like an attempt to "modernize" combo d-subs

@kacey @ben_zen its probably a dummy battery for connecting the camera to the mains, my guess would be Sony, they love shit like this.

@kacey at what point is a connector so obscure and unique is it best just to give it a new name?

@kacey all i can say... good luck (and please someone tell me what this is if it's real)

@kacey it looks like one of those cursed tag connect cables

@kacey eww that looks like a proprietary dumb phone audio/charging connector.

@kacey @kwf has NanoRaptor made it to Mastodon, yet? This looks like their work. 😅

@kacey I'm actually quite curios now what this cursed beast is for (other than nerd cringe)

@kacey this looks like if they tried to make an AI generated connector image into a real thing

@kacey yes yes this is how the audio over hdmi is archived. bc it looks a bit like a 3.5mm port.

@kacey it'd help to know what's on the other end.

To me that looks a mixture of a telecoms/RF kit coaxial cable (the circular brass coloured), with an SD memory card type connector (on top left), with a HDMI looking connector (on the top right).

That sounds totally wrong...but my guess.

@kacey Scratch that...the top left looks like a locking mechanism? Does it move?

The bottom left still looks coaxial to me. The right...some proprietary alternative to a cat-4/5/6 connector.

@kacey oh god! Is that mini-USB extended with a power connector and a latch!?

@kacey @kacey It looks like a weird extension for a micro USB

@kacey Call Geneva, this violates *something*

@kacey It looks like someone described HDMI to an alien species that knew other connectors or something.

@himbeer @kacey This is our legacy AgonyLink™ 2 connector.

Note that starting next year, we will be implementing the newly redesigned AgonyLink™ 2.0 connector (backwards incompatible with AgonyLink™ 2)

@kacey mini USB + coax with a latch??? I'd be willing to blame this on camera companies

@kacey a fresh take on a locking mini-USB shell, I dig it

@kacey tell me you hate your customers without saying "I hate my customers"... LOL

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