I love seeing massive mountains of plowed and shoveled snow. I like the story they tell, that such a substantial volume of frozen water fell from the sky that we simply couldn't disregard it and carry on with our business, but we had to dedicate ourselves and our time and our efforts to MOVE it just so we could carry on.

Water. Snowflakes. Out of the sky.

Sometimes I turn around and find this dog toy has entered the room on its own.

That basketball allows pathways for plays like this to unfold is further evidence that together we are part of an infinitely gorgeous and astonishing universe.


My friend and I almost took over a microphone to read a poem to a party full of people before realizing at the last minute, just in time, that we were the only ones who considered that to be a party thing to do. We have to remind ourselves that other people don’t party with poems.


🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️ :knife_agender: :knife_bi: :knife_lgbt: :knife_nb: :transknife: 🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️

My workplace pays $110 dollars per parking space in a parking ramp every month for any employe who wants one, and some coworkers reserve the space and still park on the street because they believe the ramp is too far away.

Step one: sprint the 20 minute walk to the bus stop thinking you will be late. The sidewalks will not be shoveled. The trees will be pretty.

Step two: lol you are ten minutes early and really sweaty. A few of the trees look like what an oboe sounds like.

Step three: the bus driver is a nice fellow

My newest streets.mn post:

"4. Soup will freeze and burst in your bag at -20 F, and then all your stuff will smell like soup all day."


I just want to write & read & draw & sing & act

maybe dance a little

Me: jeez it’s blare ice out there
J: you mean glare ice?
Me: isn’t it blare? Blare sounds right
J: that means loud
Me: oh yeah

I woke up and it looked at first like the city was covered in mist. In fact, it was producing the mist.

International winter bike to work day is in one week! Friday, February 8th, get on your bicycle and go to work. Or not to work. Go bicycle!

I wrote an article featuring some inspirational links on why biking is great and how to bike to work.

My company (small restaurant software firm near ) has openings for a QA engineer, a Business Analyst, and a Database-focused developer. We hire smart people and give them a ton of flexibility to get their jobs done. DM me for more details


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