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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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Rough day. I received three insults from animals. It’s okay, though, I know I really needed to hear it. Going to step back and take some time to reflect.

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Around the neighborhood I’m posting this very accurate drawing I made of a real shark because I’m concerned people today don’t understand what sharks actually look like.

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Oh we go again with the berries and the life cycle. Another whoknowshowmanyboostscomingup


Michelle Lewis’ book, ANIMUL/FLAME, which Conduit published in 2019, has won the Midwest Book Award for debut poetry collection!!! 🦌 🔥

I’m swimming around in the joy I get from this dunk in which Gerald Green blows out a birthday candle.

The moment they realize what is going on is a pretty magic moment full of wonder

The lemon jelly is bad. It’s not good. It tastes like soap that someone sprayed perfume on and then crushed a Tylenol and sprinkled that on it too

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I’ve thought about it and today is going to be the day I try lemon jelly.

This would be a good safety video to send along to the motorists you know. Also some good tips for cyclists, though probably stuff you're already aware of

Covid and climate crisis 

There circulates a misperception that the earth is enjoying a break from us during covid. In truth many governments (and of course our so called prez) are taking the opportunity to ease environmental protections and double down on they damage they do.

And it appears that this in turn will increase the chance of more outbreaks of new diseases.

Covid death 

Just learned that St. Paul school board chair Marny Xiong has died of covid at age 31.

U of M has made available its catalogue of anti-racist books to read online for free through August.

Activities that qualify people for covid testing include but are not limited to protesting, community clean-up, recovery efforts, vigils, neighborhood defense meetings, first responders, and other responders. You do not need to have symptoms.

You do not need symptoms to get this test. I recommend a low threshold for coming in to test.

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If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to covid-19 during a mass gathering, we want you to get tested. Be aware that incubation period can be 2-14 days, so try to wait to test at least 7 days after exposure. You can justify sooner if you have symptoms.

Yelling about music, RTJ 


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Free download, but smash that "DONATE" button to the National Lawyer's Guild

Violent policing 

Had a convo w/a patient and after we joked around a bit I asked if he was safe and he said he was in the same exact position once before and survived, is grateful every day that he survived, and seeing what these cops did to Floyd gives him flashbacks.

Repeating patterns of trauma from violent policing. Tactics that don’t work, that cause suffering, and that need to end.

From public health experts’ open letter, “white supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to covid-19”

The four military trucks with armed soldiers outside our emergency department are...well they are there.

In a dream I had, 

there were two trees right next to each other, completely white, even the leaves, and in order to live they needed alone time, but people kept scheduling times to sit by the trees, and so they were dying. Thank goodness we can actually sit by trees and this won’t happen, is what I’m saying.

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