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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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If tonight you say to yourself “my god the thing that is missing most in my life in this moment is a virtual poetry reading with the poet Esther Lee” then I have fucking news for you.

When the orange lights are up you know it’s Halloween time, bucko

Cat saw the neighbor cat and then tried very hard to run to all the windows to keep trying to see the neighbor cat

Climate (very -) 

“Robert Walker, a quantitative geographer at the University of Florida’s Center for Latin American studies, has said that unless something unprecedented happens, he predicts that the greatest rain forest on earth will be wiped out by 2064.”

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Climate (very -)

“In short, the Amazon is dying. Entire genetic libraries and symphonies of species – trees, birds, reptiles, insects and more, eons in the making, fine-tuned by natural selection – are being wiped out to make room for methane-belching cows.”

Such a damn nice October day I just GOTTA say it. The bees in the asters looked me right in the face and said “doesn’t get any better than this.”

Clapped for a few twin cities race day participants 🙌

I have seen the Bofa dunk shared by @t54r4n1, and I have laughed.

Read a headline about a “fireball meteor” flying through sky in North Carolina and couldn’t withhold a fist pump.

Got offered a parking voucher and when I declined (cause I’m biking) I was given a breakfast voucher, which is better!

Tuesdays are specially made to appear a Thursdays. Tuesdays always wear Thursday’s clothes. Then Tuesday says hey it’s actually me, Tuesday, and you say aw heck Tuesday you got me again.

Just about the prettiest light ever in the trees this morning. This time of year will steal your heart that’s for sure.

You’re very invited to a virtual reading to hear Esther Lee (and others!) read some poems. Esther lives on a boat and writes good poems. Some of the poems are about dancing.

Local Pol question, ballot Q2 

This will allow the city council to fund OTHER non-armed safety programs with MPD's money, and may allow us to put a non-cop in charge of public safety.

How much this actually changes MPD will depend heavily on the next mayor and city council.

If you vote yes on 2 vote no on 1. strong mayor + department of public safety has very weird consequences we do not want.

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