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Rough day. I received three insults from animals. It’s okay, though, I know I really needed to hear it. Going to step back and take some time to reflect.

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After a lot of planning and organizing across species, I’m happy to introduce COMPLIMENTS FROM ANIMALS, a correspence offered to you, from a surprise animal pen pal.

For $2 you can now order personal handwritten compliments, which will come from a specially selected animal pen pal in letter form, either for yourself or to be gifted to a friend or family member. Readers in need of coming down a few pegs also have the option to order insults.

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Around the neighborhood I’m posting this very accurate drawing I made of a real shark because I’m concerned people today don’t understand what sharks actually look like.

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Like a month ago I got to say the sentence “this seems pretty boiler plate to me” at work, when it was actually relevant. It felt awesome. I hope another opportunity comes my way.

It got up to 34° Celsius today. Celsius is preferable to Fahrenheit because on a day like today you can see at a glance that you're a third of the way to boiling.

I learned that the city of Memphis doubled in physical size while its population stayed the same. Why!?

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In my free time I enjoy being cat furniture.

Cat: present yourself that I might sit on you
Me: yes, right away.

New independent bookstore open in St Paul! Storied Owl Books is on the corner of Cleveland and Randolph, across from Saint Kate's.

If you're looking for carefully selected adult fiction or sci fi, check it out!

Also, if you are shopping for young readers ages 0-15, they have a HUGE HUGE selection.

Shop local! Tell 'em the Cleveland Ave bike lanes sent ya.

Metal fans: I saw Silt, Kult of the Wizard, and WolF BlooD play music and they were really wonderful and really fun!

It is maybe a foot high. Incomprehensibly useless.

I am going to need the next two weeks to get over how angry this bike rack makes me.


Seven hundred ten
Seven hundred eleven
Seven hundred twelve

I also adore the “tiger is out” poem by Nael and it reminds me of how super good this poem is too.

Heads up Minneapolitans, the Mpls Park Board is considering closing W River Pkwy to cars during weekends in the summer.

I'm guessing some of you might, y'know, have some feedback about that?

:bancars: :bancars: :bancars:

(This is a very good idea and you should write in support kthx)

I read through the feasibility study for the Greenway extension and jotted down a few notes. Who's got two thumbs and now knows the difference between a Trestle and a Truss? This Guy! 👍 :greenway:

I am still very much accepting orders for Compliments from Animals at but please be aware that any orders today won’t be responded to for the next 4-5 days as I am traveling. Now go give yourself some scratches.

Book recommendation: the secret lives of color, which Jenny gave me, is extremely interesting and well-researched and full of fun facts like, “two scientists surveyed over 200,000 galaxies and discovered that the universe, taken as a whole, is a shade of beige...”

Dreamed I bought new swimming trunks that were the color of the wind.

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