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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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Got asked this question and couldn’t even give a great answer. Where is a good flat quiet bike trail that you would take a kid on to learn how to bike? Outside of town is good too. Asking for someone.

Don’t know
why there’s a sharp pain
in my big toe, left side.

The groundhog
a tiny dirt hill.
Don’t stick
your hand
in that tunnel.

I don’t know if this is a streets post? 

Is I94 a nice and pleasant place where you would like to have a picnic? Walk your dog? Do you think you’ll surprise your fiancé by getting engaged there? Do you want to have your ashes spread there? Would you like to hang up a large picture of I94 in your living room? Would you like to live immediately next to it? Do you wish more areas were like it? Do you look back on your life and regret all the time you didn’t spend on I94?

Your spokes look good
but the grease is on your shirt now

I know COVID vaccines are thankfully nicely accessible right now, but if you or someone you know still needs one let me know!

My shoes have fruit on them and my socks have snoopy and I’m well respected by my peers

(It seems like it’s good when people are safe and secure and healthy and at ease)

Yesterday an ambulance had its big door left open and a pigeon waltzed in, just checking it out. Looking at stuff. If you had seen it you would know it was hilarious. Just bobbing that little head up and down. Birds aren’t supposed to be in there!

I was curious to see how the first few months would pan out and I’m LOVING the performance we’re seeing from the White House dogs so far.

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