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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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Saw some baby robins flying clumsily in the plum trees. Also I ate some of the plums!

If you say I like squash that’s slander

(It is kind of true though)

But still I won’t stand for it

Thank you @Jennybellium and @kyleislikekyle for giving me the opportunity to publish my first poem, available as a very limited edition in their “Little Free Poet Tree” in St Paul

Another Conduit poem is today’s poem on Verse Daily and, as you might have guessed, it’s another zinger.

Today I’ll bike home in a storm and what will probably happen is lightning will strike, permanently fusing me to my bike and turning me into Thunderspoke ™️ and my chain will be made of pure lightening and I’ll have to use my rocket speed and ability to make tornados just by pedaling to fight crime from now on.

Car badness 

Car drove into this building at the corner of Chicago and 6th last week, Friday I think. Though I can’t even find any news about it. I propose we roll up our sleeves and get busy getting all these buildings out of the way of our cars, lest this keeps happening.

I shot some buckets outside today it was very fun 🏀

Charitable giving option if you’re looking for one 

Givewell is cool because they do the legwork of exhaustively researching charities and figuring out what saves/improves the most lives per dollar. Especially good options to choose are the direct cash transfer (they just give money to people no strings attached) or just give it to givewell’s maximum impact fund and let them pick for you based on their number crunching.

Just remembered the day mspsocial sort of unanimously swooned over that avalanches album

@kyleislikekyle *extremely small scout voice*

"I solemnly swear to take only photographs and leave only footprints!"

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