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Around the neighborhood I’m posting this very accurate drawing I made of a real shark because I’m concerned people today don’t understand what sharks actually look like.

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Twin Cities poet Dobby Gibson’s poem is featured on Tracy K. Smith’s The Slowdown!!! It’s such a good as hell poem.

Shout out to @Jennybellium for planting plants, biking bikes, going to neighborhood meetings to try to counter people who are mean and inconsiderate, then planting more plants and biking bikes more and being nice to local critters (including cuddling possums, which should maybe be a band name). She makes cardinals appear in the windows.

I want to tell all of the fair weather bikers that they can do it when it rains and snows too! (And also say good job for riding. I’d gotten used to having he greenway almost all to myself! Pleasure to have the company!! If you see me say hey.)

I’m compliment-the-live-music-because-they-play-in-the-bar-quietly-so-we-can-still-talk years old

If you live and/or bike in St. Paul, now is the time to tell the city council that we want an Ayd Mill Road Greenway instead of spending $3.5 million to repave Ayd Mill as-is. The St. Paul Bicycle Coalition has more info here:

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The visual artist Dyani White Hawk is worth checking out. Her work is among the art featured in the new issue of Conduit and the issue really wouldn’t be as otherworldly as it is without her contribution.

I have been listening to a music album made for plants and I think it’s boosting my growth too


Fearing madness in all things huge
and their requiring. Managing as thin light
on water. Managing only greetings
and farewells. We love a little, as the mice
huddle, as the goat leans against my hand.
As the lovers quickening, riding time.
Making safety in the moment. This touching
home goes far. This fishing in the air.


We Manage Most When We Manage Small
Linda Gregg, 1942 - 2019

What things are steadfast? Not the birds.
Not the bride and groom who hurry
in their brevity to reach one another.
The stars do not blow away as we do.
The heavenly things ignite and freeze.
But not as my hair falls before you.
Fragile and momentary, we continue.

The poet Linda Gregg died last week. This poem of hers is really something else.

(Will respond with transcription)

(Thanks to @Jennybellium for helping me identify that, yes, this is indeed budding! Hi buds!)

In fact I like this so much that years ago @Jennybellium metalsmithed an excerpt of it for me on this piece: All this I desire

(I think I got the description in there but let me know if it didn’t work)

Happy Bday Frank O’Hara!

this poem reads:
Have you forgotten what we were like then
when we were still first rate
and the day came fat with an apple in its mouth

it’s no use worrying about Time
but we did have a few tricks up our sleeves
and turned some sharp corners

the whole pasture looked like our meal
we didn’t need speedometers
we could manage cocktails out of ice and water

I wouldn’t want to be faster
or greener than now if you were with me O you
were the best of all of my days

You’re not going to believe this but today on Marshall Avenue there are sections of bike lane that do not have cars parked in them.

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