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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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Rough day. I received three insults from animals. It’s okay, though, I know I really needed to hear it. Going to step back and take some time to reflect.

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After a lot of planning and organizing across species, I’m happy to introduce COMPLIMENTS FROM ANIMALS, a correspence offered to you, from a surprise animal pen pal.

For $2 you can now order personal handwritten compliments, which will come from a specially selected animal pen pal in letter form, either for yourself or to be gifted to a friend or family member. Readers in need of coming down a few pegs also have the option to order insults.

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Around the neighborhood I’m posting this very accurate drawing I made of a real shark because I’m concerned people today don’t understand what sharks actually look like.

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Elizabeth Warren’s slogan should be “Warren’t you gonna vote for me”

I started my day by eating a tomato, and everyone knows what that means.

I did it again. I watered the plants in too hardcore a fashion.

(Pictured: broken handle on a watering can)

“Hi. I’m the person who moved the gate that was supposed to block cars from entering this location and placed the gate on the bike path. Not on the side of it. On the bike path. This makes sense and things are going well.”

Picture: a gate on a bike path.

This bike rack is joking with me. I don’t believe it is real. Good one, bike rack. You got me.

(Pictured: one of the worst bike racks ever)

This is the first toot of the rest of my Mastodon account

The green beans i’m eating have a peppery taste to them and it is a real riot. Have a great day everyone.

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If you gift a letter from Compliments from Animals, and you feel it’s helpful for me to know if the recipient has decreased vision, please let me know. I’m more than happy, for example, to print in larger type, or we can talk about emailing a recording of the letter, too, or something like that, like emailing the written letter if they have text reading software. Anything you or they like.

A person at work wanted to know what was on my lanyard and I told them it was an IUD. Then they asked me what that was. So I told them. Then they asked me why it was on my lanyard. And I was actually taken aback because I realized it was hard to choose just where to start answering that. I guess I assumed it was obvious.

Anyone have any bright ideas for a free space to have a casual poetry reading? Looking to celebrate the life of David Berman and his book Actual Air. Would like anyone who wants to to be able to get up and read from it

good morning, i made a t-shirt with my knifes on it, please enjoy. there are other items too, including a cutting board and a very surreal all over print version!
:transknife: :knife_nb: :knife_bi: :knife_agender: :knife_lgbt:

Good news everyone I called AFSCME and told them to knock it off.

The search is over. I have finally discovered who is responsible.

(Photo: a pen that says “AFSCME we make America happen”)

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