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Hurray!!! Compliments from Animals now has a website. Use the contact form to order letters.

Good job, animals!!

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Rough day. I received three insults from animals. It’s okay, though, I know I really needed to hear it. Going to step back and take some time to reflect.

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After a lot of planning and organizing across species, I’m happy to introduce COMPLIMENTS FROM ANIMALS, a correspence offered to you, from a surprise animal pen pal.

For $2 you can now order personal handwritten compliments, which will come from a specially selected animal pen pal in letter form, either for yourself or to be gifted to a friend or family member. Readers in need of coming down a few pegs also have the option to order insults.

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Around the neighborhood I’m posting this very accurate drawing I made of a real shark because I’m concerned people today don’t understand what sharks actually look like.

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We’ve had some darn good biking temps lately 🚲

None of us are on this website to talk about how many onesie pajamas I ordered for myself.

“After the Twin Cities Book Festival
poetry reading featuring
Kyle Constalie
Dobby Gibson
Anna George Meek
Paula Cisewski
Ed Bok Lee
William Stobb
October 12, 7 PM. Honey. 205 E. Hennepin. Free admission. Cash Bar.“


«He went away from the basement of Building 14 that day, and left this note in his cubicle, on top of his computer terminal: "I'm going to a commune in Vermont and will deal with no unit of time shorter than a season."» -- Tracy Kidder, "The Soul of a New Machine"

Just watched 11 police on bikes escort a car into a parking ramp—a strange site o behold

Been told there’s a protest option at sabo bridge too

Ran out of hauling space and biked my whole bike ride holding up my protest sign. Productive ride!

Holy canoley to my ear the new Angel Olsen album is one of the records of the year. Highly recommend.

Are there exercises a person can do to better endure the pain of refraining from petting a service dog?

There’s a three piece jazz set playing at work with a sweet, funky bass guitar, and you all know by how how I feel about sweet, funky bass guitar.

Saw another car crash aftermath on Snelling and summit, almost as if that intersection is chronic garbage.

Cyclist wearing ski goggles this morning is breaking out the big guns too soon

My newest invention is paper with a handle on it. Aren’t you sick and tired of picking up paper the boring way? Time to get a handle on it.

Pictured: paper with a handle on it.

Wondering how did they find that image of me on a bike?

Hey all you fans of weird experimental psych metal, check out how cool this poster is for Acid Mothers Temple featuring a cyclist (from the past spring.)

I hope other people who read this chapbook I made think it is funny.

(Pictured: little chapbook in some flowers. Chapbook is called I’m Willing to Tell People I Know You & other compliments from animals)

Fax machine says my fax status is “NG”

For the next fifteen minutes I will allow input on what “NG” means. I will start. “Not Good.”

Please check in for more developments on this spider. Will provide info as I get it.

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