After a lot of planning and organizing across species, I’m happy to introduce COMPLIMENTS FROM ANIMALS, a correspence offered to you, from a surprise animal pen pal.

For $2 you can now order personal handwritten compliments, which will come from a specially selected animal pen pal in letter form, either for yourself or to be gifted to a friend or family member. Readers in need of coming down a few pegs also have the option to order insults.

For $1 extra you can order an appointment reminder for strange and bizarre appointments that you never actually made.

Letters will arrive in the mail via USPS just like junk mail, only they will not be junk.

The first twenty orders will be written on elegant succulent garden note cards.

DM Kyle for orders. Payment through Venmo for now.

First compliment: you have been good at reading this.

Orders to receive a letter may now be sent to

There is now also a :birdsite: handle @from_animals

Here is an example of the content you will find there:

It’s excellent the way you do not fly like I do. You mostly stay on the ground in ways I can not and will not. Keep up the good work.

In admiration,

A Hawk

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