I like to paraphrase Stephanie Burt’s take on poetry, where she says something like:

not liking poetry is like only hearing Beethoven and Kendrick Lamar and not getting totally into it, then deciding music isn’t for you.

Poetry can be sooooo different, like the difference between jazz and metal and polka and electronic, and in school you often only exposed to the so-called classics, which you might not like, but I can almost guarantee you might like another kind of poem.

(As a side note Beethoven and Kendrick Lamar are awesome as hell)

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I’ll never forget the experience of encountering one of the first poems to really set my mind adrift and make me feel out of this world as see just how much a poem can rearrange the brain’s circuitry—it was a poem from issue 21 of Conduit, by the great Bob Hicok. To this day it is one of my very favorites.

Here’s a picture of the poem and also a link to it. It’s called “The Order of Things.”

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