The most basic inclusion things seem to be difficult in my work group & I don't understand why. Afraid bringing up one situation is going to turn into someone asking another basically "Are you ok with it if we exclude you?" When making the change is just NOT HARD.

How do I add alt text to an image on mobile version here?

So the wasp in my apartment still lives. I wasn't sure because it seemed immobile where it had been on the ceiling. It was flying around when I left, and I think it's a yellow jacket.

@hfrazey In case you feel like going to Eagan tonight for a political fundraiser to meet Cheryl...

1st Lime bike I tried on my walk home wouldn't unlock. 2nd one the seat was broken & wouldn't raise (it would but wouldn't lock in place). I'm short but the seat was still too short for me to ride very far. 3rd one also wouldn't unlock. This is just a pilot, right?

I might be sleeping with my bedroom door closed for the first time in five years in this apartment because of a wicked-looking waspish flying thing currently out of reach in my living room. Scared to find out if I'm allergic to whatever it is.

Interested in hearing about your most rewarding volunteer experiences, especially if they are in MSP. Getting burned out on my current main one. Had two not so great org experiences & wanting the next org I give any ongoing volunteer time to be a good, organized one that respects and values my time.

Wondering why I am doing this volunteer thing when I have to repeat myself more than twice on a regular basis. Getting ridiculous.

I would like a nap. Can I haz a nap plz now zzz

I turned on my heat. No shame. I have nothing to prove.

I need the mastodon cliff notes to CW. Not sure if I'm doing this right.

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I liked the previous five days where I was on vacation better than today where people were kinda frustrating and disappointing.

I just woke up 20 min ago after a concert last night where I didn't drink (like usual) but I was so wired after getting back at midnight that I couldn't get to sleep until 3:30am and this is like a concert hangover and I just want to go back and hear them again.

@hfrazey I have a Kia Soul for a rental and it makes me feel very short! I gotta figure out the seat adjustments more.

@hfrazey What does this first team second team stuff really mean or matter?

C'mon DC, fight back! It sucks when the other team wins the championship in your house!

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