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I've created an MSP Social calendar with events that might be of interest to many of us.

Right now @t54r4n1 and I can edit the calendar, so if there's something you think should be added, let one of us know. Without your input I might not have a lot to add to it, so your help will be appreciated!


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I'm going to try to post :blobpeektrans: stuff at @squiggy , and it will be mostly friends-only.

If you want to read about my inner turmoil, and we're mutuals, good chance I'll approve a follow request. Just want to talk about that stuff in a smaller sandbox.

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I thought you might like to know that, according to the extremely unscientific methodologies I have at my disposal, MSP Social is really :gay:

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For users of — here is the MSPSocial Patreon link:

Do not feel like you are under any obligation to contribute! You're welcome here whether or not you choose to support financially... In fact, posting and hanging out here is the best form of support. But anyone who can afford and wants to support this community effort through more than their presence is welcome to do so.

It could grow into something more, but it doesn't have to!

Nowadays if autocorrect DOESN'T ruin a toot or a text, I worry that it is broken.

If you meet the Buddha in the toots, report him and suspend his instance.

[hits refresh and finally loads true enlightenment and self actualization, can finally log off forever]

It's just not very cyberpunk for an entire city to go to bed at 11.

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One thing I can't quite figure out is how it seems like the Twin Cities had a heyday of 24-hour establishments (family restaurants and grocery stores, in particular) and it isn't today. What changed?

Did we suddenly realize that days AREN'T 24 hours long, or that people don't deserve greasy fried meals or a place to buy produce at 3am? It feels like a peculiar regression is what I'm saying. The idea that the future more rigorously enforces bedtime than the past is weird, to me.

Yeah I'm still awake. How did I get so cool, you ask? Well take it from me, being awake isn't cool, kids.

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@t54r4n1 i especially liked this "look, everybody is pretty terrible ok?" part of the workbook

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Open reg instances are the unvaccinated children of the fediverse

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I was not expecting to hear from them, that posting closed on June 10, and I'm less directly qualified for it than the other state job I applied for...


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White Supremacist American Nationalism, the skin

Overwatch's "American" skin for Reaper is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

It has just felt like the matching is overall more balanced, so even when my team loses, it has been close and felt like a fair game.

So, totally different from how it has been for pretty much since they invented Comp mode.

The new overwatch role queue is a substantial improvement. Even when I've lost, I haven't felt like it was because of comp issues or because I've been matched with 4 mediocre DPS mains with cooperation problems.

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