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Thanks to the generous contributions of two patrons ( patreon.com/MSPSocial ), my admin contributions have been freed up to pursue my next goal: contributing to (current and potential) organizations that are building community in the region.

As of March 1, MSP Social is now supporting @WedgeLIVE and Neighbors for More Neighbors (n4mn)!

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For users of mspsocial.net — here is the MSPSocial Patreon link: patreon.com/mspsocial

Do not feel like you are under any obligation to contribute! You're welcome here whether or not you choose to support financially... In fact, posting and hanging out here is the best form of support. But anyone who can afford and wants to support this community effort through more than their presence is welcome to do so.

It could grow into something more, but it doesn't have to!

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MSPSocial.net now has an about page, a statement of purpose, and a moderation policy. mspsocial.net/about/more

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Maybe I'll set aside tomorrow to get completely hoisted.

Another blood sugar crash 😰

Here's my jobs program: more public restrooms, and a fully funded squad of well-paid people to keep them attractive.

eeee my new computer "case" has been delivered! "Case" because it's more like a glorified mounting plane and a single sheet of glass, with no sides. :hacker_h: :hacker_t: :hacker_p:

La Loma is BACK in the St. Paul skyway!! 🌯 :first:

Howdy. I'm the Rodent King. None shall be spared.

🐀 🐀 🐀
👇 🐿️ 🐿️ 👇
🐁 🐁
🐭 🐭

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Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

This is my greatest work to date. My magnum opus:


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Hey, hey, this person makes really beautiful computer things that make me sad in a way I can't really explain.


Ugh come on is this a joke? (No, they aren't talking about studs 16" apart)

I'll put it in my computer, I swear to god I will.

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@lawremipsum :flag_stp: this right here is worth the price of admission.


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RT @alicianvalenti@twitter.com: I made some aesthetic sacrifices because these maps normally don't go together, but here's single-family zoning & the high-frequency transit service network in Saint Paul. CC @WedgeLIVE@twitter.com