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Thanks to the generous contributions of two patrons ( patreon.com/MSPSocial ), my admin contributions have been freed up to pursue my next goal: contributing to (current and potential) organizations that are building community in the region.

As of March 1, MSP Social is now supporting @WedgeLIVE and Neighbors for More Neighbors (n4mn)!

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For users of mspsocial.net — here is the MSPSocial Patreon link: patreon.com/mspsocial

Do not feel like you are under any obligation to contribute! You're welcome here whether or not you choose to support financially... In fact, posting and hanging out here is the best form of support. But anyone who can afford and wants to support this community effort through more than their presence is welcome to do so.

It could grow into something more, but it doesn't have to!

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Taking bets on the first criticism in the comments of this post: streets.mn/2018/06/20/argument

My money is on "doesn't address a different argument" even though it's 1600 words long and the second entry in a series.

At least the weather is nice

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Hoo boy here we go. Incoming streets.mn post at noon.

When you see an error in something you wrote and have read 100 times without seeing it before, and now it's all you can see.

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I'm everybody's hero because I ordered pizza for everyone working late at the office :blobpats:

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Okay now I have a APPOINTMENT to surrender the found kitten so I'll try again tomorrow.

Here I am apparently training algorithms that crosswalks are always visibly painted.

The most dangerous thing about me being a streets.mn contributor is having access to a chronological feed of all comments... :oh_no: :oh_yeah:

... I guess the power is out on several blocks of downtown Saint Paul. I don't have an emojo for this, so just imagine this isn't blinking: :first:

Looking back at my old Livejournal entries from before I came to accept the futility of reason in the face of the comfort of disinformation.

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@lawremipsum although what with the movie's "build laser first, then only belatedly realize other people want to use it as a weapon", maybe they have!

Have any of the kids working for today's megatechcorp military contractors watched Real Genius?

I've never understood people who can sit while wearing a backpack instead of just holding it on their lap

I had a double shot this morning so watch the fuck out

:birdsite: is for rubbernecking the hellscape