Wtf is it with November? Suddenly everyone has to grow facial hair, stop masturbating, and write a novel? Is it just that the year has gone on for SO LONG that there's nothing else for it but to become 17th century ascetic Puritan authors? Can't we just, you know, have a normal month?

@lawremipsum i’ve always assumed it was a subconscious pushback against Christmas trying to swallow the whole year. Like you’re a grinch if you go around complaining ‘its too early for Christmas!’ But if you’re doing something all November, then you have an excuse to ignore the holiday until dec 1

@lawremipsum On the optimistic side, it’s the beginning of winter and the pagan new year—a time of renewal and new beginnings.
On the pessimistic side, it’s the ass end of the modern Western calendar and time for everyone to put in a last-ditch effort to feel like they did something meaningful (even if only symbolically). A time of existential panic.

@lawremipsum sorry, but I haven't had a normal month in my entire life, so

@lawremipsum what is the stop masturbating thing? I'm curious..

@distel I believe it is a 4chan thing—they challenge each other to give it a rest for a month, and then announce that they've already failed, and have a laugh about it.

I have a lot of sociological thoughts about this emanating from 4chan, but I won't go into them.


@lawremipsum thanks!

it would be more creative to have a challenge to draw or write your own DIY porn for a month.. :D

@lawremipsum last year I went vegan for the month (that later turned into 5, which made Christmas dinner a bit of an ordeal! 😂)

A few years before that I abstained from alcohol for a month for a "Dryvember" charity thing.

I like to think it's a way of people trying to make a change in their life without the stigma of it being a "new year's resolution" which most people will lead you to believe are impossible to stick to.

@lawremipsum I understand “Movember” (just like sport a moustache) as it’s a officially promoted here, but No *thing* November is just bad

@lawremipsum I mean, this just sounds like we should do November all year.

@lawremipsum weren't the Puritans famous for not having beards?

@earthtopus I only (care to) know what google tells me on the subject and I see some facial hair in those illustrated portraits!

@lawremipsum Old Believers: now there are some schismatics with crazy-ass beards

@lawremipsum the masturbation one is new to me. Does it have a catchy name like Movember or NaNoWriMo?

@lawremipsum Maybe it has to do with days in the northern hemisphere getting shorter and people scrambling for something to distract them from that.

@lawremipsum @djsundog Apparently I’m just having Work-vember. Pretty much like Work-tober & Work-tember.

@lawremipsum looking forward to Sleep-cember! (We’ll slow down good in a few weeks.)

@lawremipsum i do nofap november so i can store up cum for december when i go into hibernation

@lawremipsum i think it’s very corporate. “better have a strong 4th quarter to make up for my poor performance in the preceding 3. get those graphs looking good”

@lawremipsum I personally like Antivember, where you jerk off constantly, take a vow of silence, and cut off the entire lower half of your face

@lawremipsum now that you put it that way, it kind of sounds like "be a Proud Boy" month. gross.

@lawremipsum actually i'd be p down with making november the coordinated neo-faux-victoriana month

brooding romantics, corsets, everyone is kinky as all get-out behind closed doors but we pretend to be "'"respectable'"' in public

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