It's so cool to be banished to Mastadnonexistence by joinmastodon.org for having closed registrations.

I don't mind growing slowly and deliberately, but instances with closed registrations are virtually undiscoverable by most people.

This all-or-nothing approach to open registrations is unnecessarily limited and doesn't let people looking for an instance freely choose because it withholds valuable information.

@lawremipsum I primarily rely on referrals and keeping my mastodon.social account open to run username and hashtag searches for "chicago." It's not ideal.

@lawremipsum I wish it was easier to share resources like instances.noct.zone/ with new folks *before* they sign up on mastodon.social

@lawremipsum Definitely.

I made a couple of issues in support of club-like instances nine months ago, both for Mastodon and instances-soc. Discussion died quick though. Any noise is good noise at this point.


@lawremipsum There's probably a case of "that doesn't apply for any of the instances I would join, so why bother" among the contributors it seems.

That seems like it would be a marketable feature for Masto, though - clubs have useful purpose. I've been seeing people who are being turned away from Mastodon because the moderation isn't "good enough". There are instances suitable for them, but they aren't visible at all because they're closed for open registration. Catch-22.

@Sylvhem let us exist in the grey area between wide-open and shadowbanned.

@lawremipsum Is there any way you’d like us to help the instance grow?

@Chelseaknits I don't feel strongly that it needs to grow? I do like stories like @britvulcan 's, who was able to find the instance in the instance picker when registrations were open, and found a good home serendipitously.

Adding ~1 good-fit user a month would probably be good just to keep things dynamic and accommodate some natural turnover?

gosh knows if I could articulate ~how~ to achieve that. :blobthonkang:

@lawremipsum @Chelseaknits well.. we did gain @wintersonata this month so I think we're doing pretty good. ^_^

@lawremipsum That seems like a reasonable goal. Maybe it would be enough to just periodically offer invites to friends/people we know who Do Internet.

I’ve gotten enough compliments on my :gayduck: pin, we could probably obtain occasional cool peeps that way.

@Chelseaknits @lawremipsum we do all have the ability to generate invite links it's true.

@britvulcan @lawremipsum Maybe I'll just write the invite link on a few slips of paper to keep in my wallet, like the world's jankiest business card.

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