disclaimer: I did not read the article

I've ridden my bike on Lake

@musicman it's a bold choice! I did it on New Years Eve Day because there was almost no traffic.

I just went from the trail on I think 55 to the Global Market. Maybe that's not the problem area? I don't venture down that way often.
read the article and it's premise is false. No one is forced into car ownership. I haven't had a car since 2013. I know others without cars as well.

That said, the light rail expansion will be most welcome.

Skyway expansion would be welcome too. I don't get it the reliance on the Skyway though. It's Minnesota. Buy a parka.

@musicman I don't have a car either. And yet, many many people feel they are compelled to own a car. Rather than ignore that feeling, it is useful to take it as a fact and reason from there.

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