So, like, if I'm serving live from object storage, do I still need backups? What's the right backup strategy? Backup the object store to another object store?

@lawremipsum I don't know about Digital Ocean's solution, but S3 has a number of backup-related options built in, like cross-origin replication, or automatically copying between buckets.

If everything in the object store should never be modified, you can make some assumptions to simplify the backup strategy, like never propagating deletes or edits from production into your backup.

@divergentdave DOSpaces is still not very mature so they don't have a lot of bangles and jangles.

I guess I'll either make another spacebucket in a different datacenter or I'll start a wasabi account for the backup (I avoided for prod because it seems to have availability problems but less likely to cause an issue for backups??)

@lawremipsum eee, I just let it ride. I figure they have some hardware redundancy and it’s all ephemeral anyway. I suppose it depends on what you’re protecting against though.

@james for some reason people get attached to what they upload to Mastodon despite how ephemeral it is. :/

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