Gonna go ahead and try to take the bus that vanished three times last week even though it snowed all day yesterday. Should work out great!!

@lawremipsum I am excited for seeing how the bus does or does not turn into a waking nightmare for me this morning. I already woke up 90 minutes late and don't really care at all, so that's an auspicious start.

@yeahno not giving a shit is probably a healthier mindset for bus travel at this stage of our winter.

@lawremipsum *looks up from Deepak Chopra book* Through quantum mechanics somehow, I have transcended the need for so-called transportation that you pitiful humans squander so much of your lives on.

@densetsu Did I ever tell you being forced to read one of his books (in earnest!) is one of the big reasons I dropped out of graduate school?

@densetsu I'm really bitter about a lot of things I experienced in academia.

@densetsu That and people who viewed a monologue in an Aaron Sorkin show as more "authentic" than Hillary Clinton.

@densetsu I think I keep mentioning both events to you largely because you fully appreciate how horrible I found them.

@yeahno Only way I'd accept Sorkin or Chopra as a teaching tool is through a deconstruction lens.

@densetsu *in pro wrestling announcer voice* Sorkin. Chopra. They dominate their opponents with merciless ahistorical and pseudoscientific platitudes.

Derrida. Lacan. They uncritically accept nothing and BRING THE PAIN to those who do.

Tonight! Live from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida! The final showdown!

@lawremipsum okay I think maybe someone collected all the Infinity Stones and eliminated every second bus? That seems like a reasonable explanation, yes?

@yeahno fascinating how supervillainy sounds like Republican fantasy

@lawremipsum That's because only supervillains are *willing* to make the hard, tough, realistic, clear-headed, fiscally disciplined choices that *only coincidentally* consolidate power in their hands.

@paulference @t54r4n1 at this point I'm assuming they had a 53 driver quit and decided to just quietly cut service instead of putting another driver on the route.

@lawremipsum WHAT. 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪

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