Typical Mastodon/fediverse privacy/anti-abuse feature request script:

"[Feature] would be good."

*waves hands* "no because malicious instances, and besides it's a social network, nothing is private on the internet, and why would you want to do it anyway."

Every. Time.

@lawremipsum The reason they conflate something being public with something not being worth putting barriers around is because either they have no understanding of online abuse but or they know that because they took a stance that is purposely pro-abuse. "Is public on the internet" and "should federate with" =/= . I know why they are arguing it is, but I believe it's in bad faith.

Otherwise they wouldn't have blocked and abused anyone who knows better and says it out loud.

@GinnyMcQueen it's frustrating how empathy for abuse targets is not only not shared by these FSF dudes, but basically viewed as anathema to their value system. And we get [gestures at everything] this.

@lawremipsum the same men who, when criticized, claim they are being abused

That's how double-speak works. That's how fascism works. That's how oppression works. It's all out in the open, but no one will do anything until they are the ones with their lives ruined.

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