My neighborhood newspaper published possibly the worst political cartoon to ever exist, so I contributed some, um, insightful commentary 🙄 ✊ 🍆

(image descriptions in replies)

Image 1: A remarkably bad political cartoon, where a farmer character labeled "city council" is about to stab a sleeping goose labeled "Community business converted zone" with a knife labeled "TN2 Rezoning". The goose is laying on eggs labeled "Grand Ave's Charm" and a mouse in the background says "There goes Saint Paul's Small Business Incubator!"

Image 2: My letter, published in the next issue of the Villager. The good bits:

"I'd like to congratulate the Villager for publishing a groundbreaking political cartoon by Steve Michaels in the April 10 issue...

To grasp the sophisticated satire at play here, it's important to know that the knife represents an ice cream shop and the goose represents another ice cream shop."

@firewally the incredible strife on Grand Ave. continues as I read on the MPR ticket that Grand Old Day is cancelled! Dark days for The Avenue...

@lawremipsum @firewally We must remember to keep Grand Old Day in our hearts and spend in the small businesses of our ventricles.

@densetsu @lawremipsum Grand Old Day 2019 is moved to my house and will feature Burrito Mercado grilling elote, Bill Linedeke selling flags, music by Heiruspecs, and nothing else

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