I wrote this, about :transit: cops being incompatible with an initiative to promote "respect, kindness and inclusion."

First comment, no joke: "can you prove you can make people more respectful *without* calling the cops"

I swear to god contrarianism is a fucking disease.

@lawremipsum so good so so good.

I'm due to start using transit again next week and I'm dreading this for the anxiety trigger it is

@june ugh I'm sorry and I'm right there with you. At least if you're not on the train it's less intrusive because it isn't audible.

@lawremipsum lol yea I'll be on the green line, i bike from home to station then take it all the way in to work

@lawremipsum i haven't been on it for months due to severe anxiety and I'm going back to work next week, I'm just.. ugh

@june Hey, ignore me if this is weird, but I live three blocks from the green line's Hamline stop. I'm home during the week for at least 75% of usual work-transit times. If it helps to know that a friendly face is within five minutes of the train, just know I'm available.

@densetsu through the flames on the side of my face even

@lawremipsum These sorts of policies should be aspirational for the reasons you cite. Otherwise we're going to see people locked up because they did a swear on the bus.

@densetsu yupp. Or roughed up/beat up. Or just forced into a car!

@lawremipsum Very good, except I ventured into the comments and did NOT subsequently want to claw my eyes out, and this sets a dangerous precedent for me.

@queenswords This gets to some of the Atmosphere of extra policing I was talking about re: the soccer games, though that's not *entirely* transit-based.

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