@lawremipsum @june waugh! sad. i liked having available fresh things in the winter. ;_;
and no "spinach trucked in from Columbia" doesn't count as fresh

@lawremipsum who could have predicted also i hate everything

@lawremipsum i think a good hint was their job posting for basically an entire marine biology team in one person just weeks after they also had an "issue" and replaced their entire fish stock

@june @lawremipsum ooooffffffffffffff somebody was overworked and ragequit after all 3 of their colleagues were axed in the corporate takeover and then the fish died gee i wonder why

@lawremipsum also this is downright criminal that they can just... Not Explain this. We need to get the info to learn how to fucking do this sustainable shit so we can like, not all starve to death.

@june yeah, and their stated reason "not performing to expectations" makes it sound like maybe it was feasible but just wasn't profitable *enough*.

@lawremipsum ikr. If it's something fixable but it won't make much money then that's ideal for a community takeover.

@lawremipsum but no let's go for some more "luxury loft apartments" probably

@lawremipsum "Pentair bought out the founders, becoming the sole owner, a year ago."
ah, a successful startup

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