@lawremipsum I got some big push back on Twitter yesterday (or Monday) for saying the detour was plain bad. You did a much better job explaining why that's the case.

@Mikesonn @lawremipsum jumping into your convo to say YAY MIKE IS HERE, and ban cars :bancars:

@hfrazey @lawremipsum twitter got rough the last few days for my hot takes of "the media talks too much from a windshield perspective" and "Biden sucks"

@lawremipsum @Mikesonn yeah you're actually a little conservative there Mike, we've already eliminated cars and are working on a co-housing collective

@lawremipsum @Mikesonn with equitable resource sharing and a complete rejection of gender binaries

@Mikesonn You're really missing out on someone's dumpster fire abortion takes

@Mikesonn it's real bad! It screams "we did the best we could while doing effectively nothing."

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