I started Three Body Problem last night at about 7 pm. Then I had trouble sleeping. So now I'm on page 200.

@lawremipsum It took me forever to get into it, and once I did I raced through it. Now I'm having the same problem with the next one. Can't get into it but I'm sure once I do it will suck me in. More likely it'll be due back to the library before then, though.

@stelepami this one starts out with a lot of stuff that isn't sci fi... Glad I worked through it.

@lawremipsum Honestly, that helped me get into it once I sat down with it properly. In high school my ninth grade social studies teacher taught one semester of Russian history and one of Chinese history (cuz she wanted to? I don't know how she got that curriculum approved but she was an amazing teacher) so I started Three Body and went "Ah, yes! The Cultural Revolution!"

@lawremipsum Welp. If you've gotten through the second one then you've lapped me.

@lawremipsum I hate when that happens

but sounds like it's good? it's been on my list for a while, I think

@rubah I enjoyed it quite a bit. I won't describe the one thing I wasn't fond of b/c spoilers

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