So now I've had a conversation with a moderator at Fosstodon.

It seems as though, despite the sites pretty bold CoC prohibition on "public or private oppressive language or actions" (language they borrowed from elsewhere), they construe that prohobition much more narrowly than is written.

In fact they allow a great deal of oppressive language, if you don't @ anyone directly.

This contradiction bolsters my inclination to suspend the instance—until they decide to enforce their CoC as written.

@lawremipsum Thanks for this! I tried reaching out to kev but he's kinda inundated right now. Wanted to get the actual scoop before taking action on this one.


@mcmoots I'm told that the Fosstodon moderation team will discuss enforcement of their CoC vis a vis the kev toot in more detail now that I have raised the issue, so they may come out with a clearer position one way or the other in the near future—but this is where things are at right now...

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