Here in Minnesota we have a think tank called the Center for the American Experiment.

Here are some issues they've been publicly wrong about over the past few decades:

Gay marriage
Public bathrooms
Transportation/car dependency
Housing and land use
Climate change
Racial disparities

So wrong they've won awards for wrongness.

But they still have enough money to keep paying people to be wrong, and to put up billboards(!)



Try as I might I can't seem to bootstrap myself a think tank grift, even though I'm way smarter and have GOOD ideas. Give ME money and I'll generate good ideas nonstop! Pay other people to produce MORE good ideas!

Conservatives pour money into this garbage, I suppose, because they don't believe in using it to actually help anyone.

@lawremipsum gotta come up with an excuse for doing the thing you are already planning to do.

@lawremipsum That's the thing, though, isn't it? The think tanks server to legitimize the opinions of entrenched power. You aren't going to make a living serving the interests of those *out* of power, that's not where the money is.

@lawremipsum It really must be nice to sit around all day and think up bad ideas on rich people's dimes.

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