Got my 60-page America in One Room briefing book("let"). We will be discussing
• The economy and taxes
• Healthcare
• The environment
• Immigration
• Foreign Policy

Picking out some subtopics I really want to bust some skulls on like a kid in a candy store.

Taxing the rich, universal healthcare, crisis-level climate action (subplot: what percentage of America will recognize me from the WaPo... lol)

For foreign policy my main policy idea is STOP THE DUMBASSERY.


Also thinking about how to quickly pick out my left-wing Confederates and effectively ally with them to constructively guide the conversation.

I guess they're probably going to spot me pretty quickly so maybe all I need do is be there.

@earthtopus I'd like to anti-thank autocorrect for fucking capitalizing it, which doesn't help.

@lawremipsum that's the part that triggered the chops-busting, 100%. Antithautocorrect

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