The state of Wisconsin has cashed my check, hopefully that means a new birth certificate is on the way! 🔜📜

@lawremipsum once I renewed my license via mail in California, and in the months(?) it took the state to cash my check, they'd raised the license fee a dollar, so they simply cashed it and waited for me to come in six months later to ask why.

@lawremipsum somehow during the typing and editing process I got the thread-initial toot so confused it started resizing both its own window and my compose pane with each character typed, as your "soon arrow" emoji jumped back and forth between two lines(???????)

@lawremipsum it took them like an hour for a DMV supervisor to untangle the mess and I shamed them into waiving the difference in the fee by putting a dollar on the counter

@earthtopus @lawremipsum good job, tbqh. they'd've had to fuckin handle the single dollar with like the utmost care, the ordeal already cost more staff time than the license fee was worth!!

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