"[Commuter culture] was not a market-driven process of people voting with their feet for a preferred way of life, but the result of a massive, nationwide social engineering project with the full weight of the federal government tipping the scales."

"This cemented a structure by which the government subsidized nearly all road-building and nearly no mass transit, "

@lawremipsum this is quality stuff from a pleasantly nuanced perspective.


De-car-lonize your thinking.

Put those sneering tech bros way too attached to their boyhood fantasies into #infrastructure where they have no option but to walk -- feet on the searing cement or asphalt. No snowshoes or snowtire equivalents ... no grounding equipment at all.

Make them test subjects in their own non-pedestrian-friendly freeway messes. Their first inclination for a "fix" will be wrong, of course; they will realize quickly that cities with large blocks and tall buildings are the most dangerous.

Let them inhale all the toxic waste in their cities without sidewalks.

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