2020 is the year we fill out comment cards at restaurants and tell them to add the price of employee healthcare into their menu items like grownup business owners instead of tacking it on as a percentage at the end like crabby little infants.

In general, let's use comment cards to comment on management instead of service in 2020.

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@lawremipsum I like this strategy a lot. Calling a personal "boycott" on a business I love seems pretty pointless, but I should take the opportunity to provide feedback more often.

I also liked Bill's take on this concept during the trash debate:

@firewally @lawremipsum I still boycott the blue plate restaurants, even if it doesn't make much of a difference. They're also the assholes who tried to reduce tips by charging credit card fees on them when the minimum wage hike was announced. They still have the wellness charge broken out. They don't want to treat workers like people unless they're forced to.

@lawremipsum And make a point to tell management about awesome service.

My mom taught me to ask to speak with a manager to compliment excellent service. Just make sure to ask in a way that the employee doesn't worry they're going to get in trouble!

@lawremipsum I did this recently for someone on the phone from my "health insurance" provider who helped me figure out that my psychiatrist's office had sent the wrong tax ID a couple of times and that's why those claims were denied while others were approved.

@lawremipsum I just picture (a low-level employee being forced to) or (a middle manager gleefully) throwing them away

@lawremipsum wait... wait... they have a part of the ticket that says employee healthcare x%??
like... are they bragging about it???

@efi definitely not. They're protesting it by treating it like a tax and not a business expense.

@lawremipsum this is so inconceivable to me I just don't understand what's happening, how did it get to this, what the what??

@efi yeah it's wild. My sense is that it became a cultural thing among restaurant owners to try to make a political statement, and they have no sense of how childish and petulant it seems.

@lawremipsum well, I mean in addition to paying staff a real wage so tipping goes away.

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