I've tried to ask two tattoo artists if they wanna do a tattoo and
1: rejected
2: hasn't replied

Not having a tattoo is fine too I guess.

@lawremipsum Even competent artists are booked weeks in advance. *Good* ones are booked for months or even years.

@LilyVers I feel like I need to learn the secret password

@LilyVers I'm always unerringly polite, if it pleases the court

@lawremipsum well! I'm really sorry to hear abt your experiences, but honestly, in my limited two-tattoo experience, as long as you ensure that you respect the artist's comfort (i.e. what they do/don't wanna tattoo on people) and don't rush things, you're pretty good :)

@lawremipsum PERSEVERE

Tattoos are dope as hell and you deserve a good one

@lawremipsum my friend/artist is based in Superior, WI but she occasionally does guest spots in the cities, I’ll keep my eyes open for you

@firewally maybe connect me and I can schedule with her next time she comes? I feel like I need to run the concept(s) by them early anyway to see if they even want to do it at all.

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