is on my watchlist for suspension, depending on whether they engage in any moderation of their users. They don't appear to have a moderation policy, and don't appear to respond to reports, so imo they're ripe for defederation. Going to hinge on the admin's willingness to demonstrate any interest in moderating.

The Admin has "warned" the user spreading right wing hate and disinformation, and deleted a handful of reported toots. He has asked for other toots to be reported... though he is only just now for the first time that people have been reporting the user as long ago as January.

This seems to me to be an approach that will let the user continue to spread disinformation and hate to the maximum tolerable extent. Boundary pushing both on the part of the user and the complicit admin.

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Consequently, for me, they remain on the precipice of instance-wide suspension for tolerating that user and I will consider their future moderation behavior very closely.

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I don't have a responsibility to give cookies to remote admins who only take the minimum-possible moderation action when multiple admins threaten to defederate.

The details of this suggest that this admin is unwilling to engage in the level of moderation needed to keep hate and propagantists out of their community, notwithstanding their eagerness to finally do just enough to placate people when publicly called out. Taking only reactive moderation action when faced with leverage is a red flag.

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Some toots I recommend that you report, so the admin of can understand that just deleting a few toots isn't going to satisfy the fediverse. (CW: bigotry, etc.)

This anti-vax toot is still up, among others:

Oh, here's a link to Plandemic, which not even Facebook will publish:

Here's a toot that aged well:

Ah here's something that's racist AND anti-trans:

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If you report one or more of the above tweets, or another by that user, let me know in this thread. I'm curious if the admin of is now reading and acting on reports sent to his instance, or if he's still disregarding them.

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Update: I'm instance-wide silencing

Besides not taking action on reports on the toots mentioned in the thread above, they also have users "what about people hurt by reverse-sexism"ing the funkwhale code of conduct.

Their lack of moderation policy, or action in lieu of a policy, and tolerance of people "whatabouting" on behalf of people on the dominant side of an axis of oppression is inconsistent with the MSP Social CoC.

I'm probably going to upgrade this to a full suspend, because the user that the admin "warned" is still publishing covid misinformation and anti-trans material.

The admin is choosing to provide that user a platform and has demonstrated unwillingess to take any effective moderation action.

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Mod: the rules are fine as-is, because we will put in the proper moderating work as we go along.

Announcer: they did not put in the proper moderating work as they went along.

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