What's your favorite show in the Tommy Westphall Universe?

@lawremipsum Not pictured: Las Vegas x Law & Order (though both are listed anyhow)

@lawremipsum Also I love that this fictional universe is being filmed inside the 30 Rock universe (again, Law & Order)

@lawremipsum I demand to know how Star Trek crosses over with *any* of this. Red Dwarf‽ That’s upsetting to my sensibilities. 😠

@lawremipsum I would say Star Trek: TNG is my favorite of these, except that I simply cannot accept it as part of the same universe as Friends and Ch— 🤢 —excuse me, Cheers.

@lawremipsum Also cool how Newhart (and thus everything downstream) was all a dream within the The Bob Newhart Show universe, which itself is in the St Elsewhere it’s-all-a-dream universe

@lawremipsum oh wait, I wanna change my answer. the X-Files also crossed over with Cops, so...

our reality itself

@lawremipsum I'm disappointed Fonzie And The Happy Days Gang, Laverne And Shirley Join The Army and the Mork And Mindy cartoon aren't part of it. Which calls into question how much of the Ruby-Spears catalog should be included.

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