I never believed it would happen to me! I set up a community messaging board using freely available software, thinking I could host a place for positive community activism. One thing led to another and now I'm a woman, and my project's greatest successes have been in scrambling genders.

@lawremipsum It's even been successful in causing me, a cis, to think critically about my own gender!

@stelepami that's like even more rare than transitioning tbph

@lawremipsum I'm a switchy, polyamorous, bi+ ciswoman who has examined her own gender. I am the ultimate unicorn! 🦄

@lawremipsum @stelepami I feel really lucky to have ended up with partners who, while cis men, are marginalized in other ways and who have been led to consider their own gender. And they've still ended up cis, because not everyone who goes through the process of examining their gender is going to be trans if enough people do it! But they're mindful and deliberate about their gender and it's both cool and hot, honestly.

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