uspol, fascist violence & menacing 

The fact that the MAGA fuckers consistently menace people from within their cars and trucks is notable and connected to a great many of the various forms of social harm/disconnectedness those machines contribute to.

• They feel safe dehumanizing people from the car because that's how it functions every day,

• Cars are routinely used to commit assault and homicide with little or no consequence, because

• Cars are in fact both weapon and armor


uspol, fascist violence & menacing 

@lawremipsum Disarm Fascism. Ban Cars.

uspol, fascist violence & menacing 

@MrFesser @lawremipsum self-driving buses are way cooler than cars anyway

uspol, fascist violence & menacing 

There's a certain continuation of pre-car mentality in the use of car as a tool of violence. Horses became a marker of social class because they allowed the rider to enact violence better and at greater distance. Early kings denoted their strength by their fleets of chariots. Modern warlords do much the same with their fleets of Toyotas.

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