I have a draft post I'd love someone to take a look at, if anyone is interested and has a little time.

It's about this (and some shortcomings in the underlying study):

Punctuation funnies 

@lawremipsum @densetsu
My brain kept swapping between "oh no! Huge rush." And "oh,... no huge rush" until I registered it was #2. Wow brain

@lawremipsum Feel free to send it me! Will try to look either during noon or this evening.

@lawremipsum Not too much comment--makes me wish I was a little more schooled in these things! You make it sound digestible to this layperson!

@densetsu That's great to hear! I appreciate your taking the time and your feedback! :)

@lawremipsum Incidentally, when I opened the word doc the gif was working just fine. 🤷

@densetsu re: your question as to why the assessor seems to be doing better: it may be because they implemented the recommendations to be more statistically rigorous about property valuation already. I imagine they'd have a pretty good explanation about what happened and whether it could happen again...

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