Selfpol status check-in 

For people not following along closely, voting on the party endorsement starts Wednesday and goes through June 15.

To give you an idea how weird this race is, I sent out postcards with my freaking picture on them to 3,300 people in the city (delegates to the party convention) —and people are *posting pictures of the political junkmail I sent them because they're excited they got it.* This is a WEIRD RACE.


Selfpol status check-in 

One of the other candidates *also* send out postcards to the same people, and even took the time to handwrite a bunch of them to my supporters. They're getting dunked on.

I almost feel bad for the guy because I think he wants to launch a political career with this goofy race. He has spent a lot of money on postcards! But he's wasted a lot of time and money trying to get votes from my supporters, who (mostly) aren't going to give him a good return on his investment.

Selfpol status check-in 

@lawremipsum I think this candidate--as opposed to Brandt--is a little green and getting his legs and that's a little hard to watch and not feel a bit sorry for in certain situations.

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