They seem to respond to me being "cost conscious" with confusion.

I got this plastic contraption to work out my lungs while I'm in bed. They're all super confused when I'm like "hey let's make sure my insurance will pay for this."

"Oh we usually just 'give' it to you when you leave." Uh huh, sure. I'm sure SOMEONE is paying $50-100 for this thing I just want to make sure it's not me holding that bag six weeks after I leave.

(Watch me get a bill for it after multiple attempts)

@lawremipsum don't worry!!! It will all be bundled in such a way as to make it impossible to determine how much it truly costs and how much you're being charged!!!! Whew what a relief!!!

@lawremipsum speaking from experience, to avoid an unexpected bill figure out who your anesthesiologist was and if they/their practice is INN for your plan. Anesthesia and ground ambulance are far and away the worst culprits for surprise medical bills.

@HillOBeans none of this is in network because there are no in network providers of the underlying surgery, sooooooo

@lawremipsum also your specific insurance plan will prompt Mayo to give a discount of some unknown percentage on the medical supplies bundle of unknown cost! SAVINGS! EFFICIENCY!

@lawremipsum I wonder how much of this is also the hospital dealing with rich folks and just expecting them to take the costs onto themselves because $100 is couch change to them.

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