If the Masto maintainer wants me to run a commodity repeater for his platform, he needs to pay for it and pay me for my services as maintainer.

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@lawremipsum hmm...so Garg doesn't want instances to have local timelines? What's the point of instances, then? From how I read it, he says that instances were never meant to be like IRC channels. Which means instances were just a means for him to have distributed servers for resiliency and outsource all the work and cost. My instance has literally helped get me through riots, police occupation, a pandemic, a move to a new city, and delivered plants to my door step by bicycle.

@ewankeep I agree; he just wants other people to run servers for his platform, and using it to build any community other than one monolithic twitter-like cluster of a community is not His Vision and he's not going to support it.

So yeah... it really doesn't make sense to run a server and pay for the privilege of being an indistinguishable resource provider.

Does he realize that we crowdsource funding for these servers? Because people want to be part of *that server's* community? I doubt it.

@lawremipsum @ewankeep this latest shit has me reconsidering my participation with the platform in any shape

@June @ewankeep I hope hometown is able to maintain as a "community-oriented" fork, but it seems like that is only going to be more and more difficult as time goes on.

@lawremipsum @ewankeep i just like... i want connection with other humans but like, fuck, what the fuck is up with the available software and "engagement" paradigms?? where is anything actually designed for health and safety? what the Actual Fuck did twitter do to everyone's expectations of healthy human interaction? what the FUCK

@lawremipsum like every convo ever being in full public forever view? why? what the fuck is that

@lawremipsum @BalooUriza @ewankeep and we give our extra to local charities. :) (mspsocial has best admin... i'm not biased at all... )

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