anyone else notice that shit loads real slow? I have a 500Mbps fiber connection and a modern desktop computer and more and more often I notice I'm waiting for some HHGTTG sized javascript library to do some shit when I'm just trying to shop or check the weather.

Just load the images ffs


@lawremipsum Yep. I have monitors in a sidebar so I can tell whether it's the network or the CPU. It's usually the CPU.

10 years ago I used an Asus eeePC 900A as my daily driver. Small and light made it easy to carry. Nowadays just loading the browser on something like that would cause a swap thrash death. It's only useful as a remote display to something with enough horsepower to run that slog.

@lawremipsum Mine is really slow.
Usually 6 to 7 Mbps downstream 🙂 and I'm not going to even discuss the upstream because its not worth mentioning.

@lawremipsum There is indeed a lot of bloat on the web these days, but buffer bloat in your router can add to your latency too. You can check for it at .

@lawremipsum also- if there's JavaScript doing background requests back to the server on page load (eg for ads) each of those is potentially adding an RTT delay. In which case it makes no difference if you have the highest bandwidth connection and fastest computer money can buy

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