Need a "work screwdriver" because it's one of the most difficult to find things in a modern office.

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This is distinct from my need for a "work screwdriver" but it's only noon.

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@lawremipsum i think this has a lot to do with why so many wizened sysadmin types still lug around a leatherman wave or equally over-ramified multitool.

@brennen @lawremipsum I have one. TBH I don't need it that often (mostly as a box cutter and I will try to scratch and bite at things like a large raccoon before taking out a tool) but when someone needs a tool and I have one it's like I'm some kind of wizard.

@mindspillage @brennen I think I used to have a Swiss army knife around more before I did a lot of traveling and didn't want to forget I had it and have tsa take it away... But traveling isn't a thing anymore sooooo

@lawremipsum I recommend keeping several of different sizes and formats, but many of the doorknobs in the building will fall off if you look at them wrong

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