I'm sorry kids but "pfp" is a way worse term for "avatar" or "userpic." The olds are ahead on this one. Can't win em all.

Armchair etymology tells me the kids hit upon the idea of shortening "profile pic" but simply lack the true radical sensibility of a trendsetting generation to make everyone start saying things like "nice pp"

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@lawremipsum "avatar" can even be cutely shortened to "avi"! We do not need to reinvent the wheel here

@Pixley @lawremipsum some part of me wonders if this is in part driven by the fgact that someone's pfp isn't necessarily representative of them personally but, rather, just an image they vibe with or something

see for my by avatar really is something I find to be a little piece of me, but feelings might have changed

@lawremipsum I constantly forget what it stands for because "Pro File Pic" doesn't make sense

@lawremipsum @Louisa gonna change mine to a glossy 8x10 headshot of an emery board

@lawremipsum @Louisa here's a nickel kids, go get yourself some abbreviation lessons

@valrus @lawremipsum acronyms with letters for every syllable, NASA is now NTAARNIASAMIRT

@lawremipsum big "we kinda know initialisms are a thing, but how to tell which letters get used?" energy on this one.

@lawremipsum to be fair on the subject of The Youth, though, something about this reminds me a lot of how on a large swath of 1990s irc, "Wb" was always capitalized for some godforsaken reason. arbitrary distinctions get taken up as part of the form of the symbol/sign without reference to any obvious coherent scheme.

@lawremipsum that or you're supposed to say "pfffp". wtf do i, an old, know about anything.

@brennen @lawremipsum it's almost like language and its representations are ultimately arbitrary

@brennen @lawremipsum "am I so out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong."

@brennen @lawremipsum anyway, you know you're old when you start sympathizing with Skinner :)

@earthtopus @brennen they have a new term for that meme; it's inscrutable but it definitely is shorthand for that meme you just have to take my word for it.

@lawremipsum @brennen I suspect it's entirely scrutable, just that the transformations it's undergone might seem arbitrary. Inscrutability implies a certain impossibility of parsing, doesn't it?

@lawremipsum @brennen in unrelated news, I found my childhood marble bag (a gift, I did not play marbles) while rearranging a closet and realized I could fill it with acorns and tie it to my belt, which I'm hoping will be the style at the time

@earthtopus @lawremipsum i'm reminded that i did play marbles, and it was kind of neat actually. although maybe mostly because marbles are fun things to hoard.

@brennen @lawremipsum dad had a fishbowl full of them, I agree they are great fondleables

@earthtopus @lawremipsum on the one hand: yes. on the other hand, my ability (and/or will) to scrute more than about 5% of what even my own narrow age cohort is on about on The Internet is getting to be so shot that as a practical distinction it matters less and less.

(i guess the shorter version of this statement is, of course, that i am an old.)

@lawremipsum People on the French Twitter started to call their avatar a “PP” a few years back. And yes, I hate it.

@lawremipsum Didn't we use to call them "avi" at one point?

@lawremipsum "avatar" makes me shiver. It's a jpeg on server, you haven't creates a alternative manifestation of your self in the virtual cyberspace reality.

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