One of the worst things that could happen to the fediverse is for it to be seen as a place to join to have an audience. That it isnt is its key differential advantage as a social media platform, as far as I'm concerned.

Once people start leaving Twitter or Facebook because they think they can have "reach" here, it's all over.

Of course, this is fundamentally at odds with anyone trying to make the fediverse "successful," because that's essentially the primary metric of success that they use.


Making an account because you want to "reach" an "audience" is fundamentally different from making an account because you want to post, and maybe *connect* with *people.*

The first is fundamentally tainted with an advertising and marketing mindset. It affects how you use the space and and how you view everyone else who uses it.

To summarize: Collecting followers isn't a personality.

@dumpsterqueer @Cyborgneticz :welp: I didn't even set out to call out Eugen on purpose, but here we are again.

@dumpsterqueer uuuuugggggghhhhh...

(I'm really not sure how to spell that but I think you get my meaning.)

@dumpsterqueer @Cyborgneticz @lawremipsum now I'm wondering if they checked in with shuggmonkey if they wanted to be featured 🤔

@lawremipsum ironically this just earned you my follow 😅

Oh come, all social media is based around clout and status. Even if you just think you're here to make friends and connect with people your behavior is inherently selfish / meant to project an image -- a character you play for an audience. It's human nature.

@lawremipsum @68km but they’re very pretty!

I encase them in plastic and keep them in the basement. Sometimes I go down there and talk at them for hours…

@lawremipsum It's a conundrum. There are some commercial entities that I would like to follow here instead of...other places, to keep track on what they're producing. On the other hand, ugh, advertising! I mute ad pushers every time I see them.

@lawremipsum I guess it's up to me to signal-boost things I like without - hopefully! - looking like a shill.

@lawremipsum Marketing ruins everything.

The best part of social media is the community building. It’s also the reasons that the big tech that focuses on building a space for communities fail, you can’t “reach” everyone and therefore can’t monetize that attention.


@lawremipsum this is definitely true, but having people engage and respond is rewarding to a lot of folks like me.

Something I’m still learning to navigate is the balance of boosts to original content. I amplify and curate stuff that I think is interesting. The design of these interfaces means that when I boost things and my followers reply, I don’t see it. This difference is something I’m still learning to navigate, and I bet others are as well.

@lawremipsum And maybe the emphasis on original content vs amplification is a good thing for the type of society this sort of interface is trying to cultivate. Or maybe other instances have different policies about including boosters in replies! I’m not sure. But it definitely is a choice that I struggle with personally in trying to find community and start conversations.

@b_cavello @lawremipsum What’s interesting about what you just described is that it completely undermines what another replier said about how “even if you just think you're here to make friends and connect with people your behavior is inherently selfish”. Boosting here by its design in fact becomes a selfless act.

@bix @lawremipsum I guess one could argue that me wanting to be included in the follow-up conversations is the “selfish” part of boosting, but I think being able to start a conversation about some pretty art or some fascinating idea with the person you’re connected with (the one you follow) in addition to the original poster is a pretty valuable community-building thing. The booster may serve as a bridge of relative familiarity.

@lawremipsum well I was told when I first got onto the fediverse, some instances are for certain types of conversations. Example one told me it was just for non political conversation, so I still have an account there to interact with people there. Another told me that when Brighteon came online that they had blocked that server and if I wanted to interact with them I needed an account there because not many instances would allow interactions with them, ok no problem.....

@lawremipsum so as time goes by, it is like real life. I have some friends who love politics, and some that don't, I keep politics out of my time line on certain instances that have requested me to do so. There are lots of interesting people in this world. If your stuck on one instance, it is like listening only to one radio station, or only eating at one restaurant. It forms a community like little towns that....

@lawremipsum revolve around each instance, and have a filtered feed from the outside world. I find it fascinating how the fediverse acts like the real world and duplicates local towns. Each one has its own local customs and social hierarchy.

@lawremipsum I do find as in real life no one town has it all. But each one has its own things to offer.
One thing I am glad to see in the fediverse, is porn and violence seems to be blocked. I applaud that, because it is no small task. Just like in real life, there has to be some basic rules. That is why I will have multiple accounts, because I like the diversity that comes with that. I don't chide a server owner for how he runs the show, I find one that I like and there I am.

@lawremipsum sorry for the long response. But I am for having multiple instances, I believe it is good for the fediverse. A place for left, and a place for right, and a place for center, and a place for each group, that you can choose to interact with or choose to avoid. If you don't like the local environment, there are others to choose from. As far as marketing, I am not a salesman, I am an engineer, with various things I like for example..

@lawremipsum many instances would not want me to discuss in great technical details the repair of a radio or building and antenna. So I keep that to user groups or areas I know that will appreciate that type of info. Just as I am not a mechanic and don't enjoy listening to details of changing wheel bearing and brake shoes/pads. So I try to respect each community and it's standards. Hope this makes sense, if not just mute me.

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