Crème Brûlée

(No, I don't know why it is so slanty)

Mostly in ffxiv I just stand around reading my book, in prettier and prettier clothes. Living the dream.


Enthusiasm for the Democratic nominees, Minnesota style. (Passive-aggressive)

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I may be running out of opportunities to wear this coat that I love.

Doing a civic engagement

(I put my comment directly on top of some other nitwit who's comment amounts to "nimby but for bikes")

I'm so pumped for autumn I'm gonna fill my ass with leaves

(eye contact)

Uspol covid, deep cuts 

Presidential medical updates like: "I've never seen a man so healthy. We are using his immense lung capacity to provide the breath of life to dozens of other patients in here. We may not be able to contain his unquestionably immense and potent health."

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