Did a little encutening to see some bicycle urbanists who dropped by. (Eye contact)

A lot of credit is given to Disney's Robin Hood for creating a generation of furries, but I feel like this show might have also had a hand.

Business cat, in your zoom meetings, being an actual cat

They seem to respond to me being "cost conscious" with confusion.

I got this plastic contraption to work out my lungs while I'm in bed. They're all super confused when I'm like "hey let's make sure my insurance will pay for this."

"Oh we usually just 'give' it to you when you leave." Uh huh, sure. I'm sure SOMEONE is paying $50-100 for this thing I just want to make sure it's not me holding that bag six weeks after I leave.

(Watch me get a bill for it after multiple attempts)

Lewd, genitals implied, mnpol 

Jokes that hit different all of a sudden.

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The amazing @t54r4n1 replaced the picture of jesus in my room with this:

Medical update 

I yeeted a nurse and I'd do it again

Getting just amazing pictures of zelda from our friend/cat-sitter

I'm at the cat toy
I'm at the cat bed
I'm at the combination cat toy/cat bed

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