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This seems like a goddamned recipe for disaster.

(The chute doors have locks, maybe they should use them?)

Me and my users after I suspend a remote user.

Reporting works!

And if you're reporting someone remember to check the box that sends the report to the remote server as well! Good admins want to know if their users are causing trouble.

Well, I complained and Metro Transit listened. They've acknowledged (but not announced) that the 53 is now an hourly bus during the morning rush hour.

Oops I wore the "wrong" shoes to work!!

Good thing I have a spare pair at my desk.

Gonna go ahead and try to take the bus that vanished three times last week even though it snowed all day yesterday. Should work out great!!

While I'm relocating the images, should probably test one out completely at random

I'm worried that the driver for the very infrequent express bus I rely on doesn't know the route.

We'd move so all these cars could go, but for all the cars in our way. :bancars: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Umm this camera is NOT capturing how amazing this sunset is.

Weighing heavily on my decision to get on a bus to St. Paul today

The only staffed UPS dropoff location in downtown St. Paul is the doggy daycare.

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