"There's a new Pleroma instance"
[checks public timeline]

Can I get in the mood to host Jackbox in 30 minutes?

I took this much basil off the plant and you can't even tell that I touched it.

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"See you later hun, I'm just going to go 'prune the basil'!" [is never seen again]


I don't know what's up with this junk ad but I have very slightly improved it and now it is good life advice and a description of my ideal tax policy

Come to the SoPHI electric car parking in the next twenty minutes for an ass kicking.

(Eye contact)

Four different species of bird at Powderhorn lake: mallard, wood duck, :honk_canada: , and seagull

In April, I got this 25# bag of flour, which has a recipe for a "small batch" of buttermilk rolls that produces almost 10 pounds of dough.

This month, meet my 102 oz. can of tomatoes, because I need to make some more pasta sauce.

There is no box this cat cannot cat upon.

(Image descriptions: three angles of Zelda cat on a three foot tall box)

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