crackin eggs on a kink discord and got a meme made in my honor I have ascended


(image descriptions: two passages from an essay in "Something that may Shock and Discredit You" where the author describes the feeling of being trans before you realize it as an inexplicable homesickness, and also as trying to get people of your gender to relate to you in a way that neither you nor they can recognize.)

It's the golden hour, and there's no better time to stick your claws deep into the flesh of your loved ones so you can have a good solid grip.

Politics, pine don't read 

@t54r4n1, to me, when they are going to get a big endorsement and is looking likely to win a seat in November's election:

I have that shelter reserved but my reservation starts in 15 minutes. (Eye contact selfie)

anyone else notice that shit loads real slow? I have a 500Mbps fiber connection and a modern desktop computer and more and more often I notice I'm waiting for some HHGTTG sized javascript library to do some shit when I'm just trying to shop or check the weather.

Just load the images ffs


While I am struggling not to remark on local politicsβ€”there is *so much* that demands comment and rebuttalβ€”it is also a tremendous relief to no longer be personally immersed and functionally a part of it.

The good people doing politics are very good, but the bad parts of it are well-resourced and relentless.

Description of this lamp at lowes dot com: "A fusion of geometric precision and the beholder’s vision, creates an artistic expression where creativity is expressed as an art form."

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